March 10th MDTV

The third episode of 2017 congratulates the 2016-2017 winners of the Distinguished Alumni Award Mrs. Maria Tollefson,  now the principal at St. Didacus elementary who used to be an AP teacher at Marian, Mr. and Mrs. Lee and Tess Blair. It's been almost two years since Mater Dei moved to ThinkPads. Most students seem content with the technology,... Read more »

Science Academy hosts blood drive

Mariela Serrano

Students in Mater Dei are motivating themselves to give blood since some are afraid of needles. However many patients in hospitals fear death itself. They are counting on...  Read More »

March 7, 2017

  • Crusaders enjoy vocation fair day February 10, 2017
  • Mater Dei remembers MLK Jr January 17, 2017
  • PowerSchool App offers convenience January 2, 2017

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Mater Dei Choir brings Christmas to the community

Cassandra Esparza, Staff Writer

For the first time in years, the Mater Dei Choir will be taking their Christmas performance outside of campus. The yearly tradition usually consists of a concert at th...  Read More »

December 15, 2016

  • The Fall Drama Production Has Arrived October 20, 2016
  • Burton’s new film makes weird work October 17, 2016
  • Greek Week’s legacy continues September 16, 2016

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Mater Dei remembers MLK Jr

Before there were streets and schools all over the United States named after Martin Luther King Jr there was a leader. This particular leader was a Baptist minister and social activist who played a critical role in the American civil rights movemen...  Read More »

January 17, 2017

  • Should we still celebrate Thanksgiving? November 29, 2016
  • Students help students with the Walkathon November 21, 2016
  • Walkathon Perplexes Students November 21, 2016

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Rising Prices, Rising Quality?

Mariela Serrano and Sergio Gonzalez

Students may have recognized that the prices at the Mater Dei cafeteria have gone up. Not only have the food prices gone up but the quality has risen. A new Food Service Direc...  Read More »

February 22, 2017

  • Science Academy makes the school greener February 8, 2017
  • Tutoring Makes Advances January 4, 2017
  • PowerSchool App offers convenience January 2, 2017

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