A New Year in Mater Dei Theater

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Fourth Wall

Maggie Holscher, writer and director of “Life on the Fourth Wall” Mater Dei class of 2015

Maggie Holscher, a senior at Mater Dei, is bringing something new this year that will grab people’s attention.  She has written and is directing and a two-act play called “Life on the 4th Wall” at Mater Dei, for the Fall 2014 theater production.

Holscher says she is a theatergoer who has always wanted to be in the spotlight. The play she has written is about a teenage girl whose is writing a play and in the process her life crosses between the real world and the make believe world.

Maggie says it was a struggle for her to think of plots for a storyline and she really didn’t know how to go about it, so she took the time to research ideas.  After she got her inspiration for the production, the journey began.

“The idea behind the play took a while to conceive,” Holscher said.  “ So I thought it would be a good idea to just write about the steps of writing a play.”

At Mater Dei, Holscher performed in “The Importance of Being Uncle Roscoe.” She played the role of a reporter named Jessica Cleburne. She loved the feeling of being up on stage. Her biggest accomplishment was this past summer when she performed at the Old Globe Theatre in Balboa Park. There she created relationships with the actors and crew and gained a love for Shakespeare. “Shakespeare’s work acts as a medium for human connection: although it is fictional, his work invites the actor to analyze what it means to be human and what it is to form complex relationships.”

Holscher felt that the Shakespeare Intensive was all about forming positive relationships with fellow cast and crew members. The environment allowed for the students to cultivate their unique talents and abilities as individuals, while simultaneously building a close-knit and dedicated ensemble.

“If you’re a focused person who loves to learn and interact with others at the same time, the Shakespeare Intensive is an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the vibrantly human experience that is the world of professional theatre.”

In “Life on the 4th Wall” Holscher hopes the switch from reality to make-believe will not be confusing for the audience. Overall, Holscher believes that the storyline is pretty solid.  She was motivated to do this play because she wanted to do something different than what was done in the past at Mater Dei. “I thought it would be interesting to have a more contemporary play that was written by someone who went to Mater Dei,” she said.

With the heart and soul Holscher has put into writing this play, it will likely be a hit.  You can see the play October 17 or 18th in Mater Dei’s Kassebaum Theater. Need more enticement? Here’s a student made intorduction.

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A New Year in Mater Dei Theater