Life As a Wrestler

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Wrestling is a type of sport that involves a lot of physical contact and a strong mindset. Third place CIF winner Ivan Duran would say “Wrestling is very stressful both mentally and physically because I workout every day for a long period of time and eat small meals so I would make weight for tournaments which is a pain”. To be a wrestler the athlete must be discipline and dedicated in both workouts and diets. Also a wrestler must be able to be mentally prepared to take on all the tasks the coaches give without question.

To be successful does not come easy; the person must work hard to accomplish anything. Workouts are normal for any athlete who plays a sport. When working out it is important to stay committed so the wrestler will gain all the physical qualities they need. Another reason is so that they are prepared for any matches they have.  Senior wrestler Braulio Lopez said “the hardest thing about working out is not giving up, but even though I have that feeling it always motivates me to keep going and to try harder”. Everyone has that emotion to where they feel the need to give up. But this is where the dedication comes in because no matter how tired the person is they always want to keep going. Although getting a hard workout in is good that’s not all a wrestler needs in order to reach his or her goals.

Having a healthy diet is very important for any person especially for an athlete. For a wrestler it is important to get a lot of carbohydrates in their system so that they will have energy to practice and compete. Also water is essential to a healthy diet. This is because the person needs to stay hydrated so nothing life threatening happens. Wrestling Coach Ullsperger said “it is more important to eat all the right foods rather than not eat at all because eating less does not make you a good wrestler”. Eating less does not determine your skill in this sport. As you can see it is beneficial to eat more so that you have energy. Dieting also has a lot to do with a strong mindset. Having a strong mindset is all part of the game. Being a wrestler means you must be ready to take on any challenges. The coaches expect a lot from their athletes and Coach Ullsperger says he expects them to pay attention to detail. Before tournaments a wrestler must go in with all confidence. Not only that, but also have a good strategy of what techniques to use. These are all important to becoming a successful wrestler.

Wrestling requires all the qualities of any sport. You need determination in anything you do and also respect for all the coaches. Without these characteristics it will be hard to go far in wrestling. The expectations any athlete has for himself/herself will not be fulfilled without hard work. It is important for a wrestler to be fully committed and serious because they choose to fully dedicate themselves to something they love to do.

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