Some Apps Are Better Left Un-Downloaded

Can Secret Ruin Your Life?

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  Secret is a famous application (or app for short) that has been out for less than a year. It is an app that is affiliated with Facebook and directly connected to it, as well. To download and be a user of Secret, one must have Facebook. Secret helps one to connect with friends just like Facebook, but the difference is that everyone who posts is anonymous.  There is no way to know who is posting.On Secret, one gets to keep all of their Facebook friends that they already have. It will update automatically if anyone is added or deleted. The format is pretty simple. There are two options to consider: One is explore, which shows anything around the world that is trending. The other option is to see what one’s friends have posted. One can only post pictures with something to say along with it. No one other user will know who posted what. Also, if one decides to comment on another post, one will still remain anonymous.  Both posts and comments are anonymous.

 Secret can help some teens to really feel free and feel a lot more comfortable; but it brings more harm than peace. Secret can be used to say absolutely anything; no boundaries.

Many people are mocked, bullied, and have rumors spread about them because something was posted on this app.”

It can ruin some people’s lives very easily. The worst part is that no one will know where it is coming from. This makes the battle to keep social media safe even harder and just makes it easier for those who want to hurt other people. No one can force one to do anything, but it is greatly encouraged not to download this app for people’s own safety. It may seem fun but it can literally destroy lives.


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