Mathnasium offers help for math challenged

Mathnasium center highly recommended by Crusaders.

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The Mathnasium Learning Center is an education brand and supplemental learning franchise consisting of over 500 learning centers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It provides instruction in math to students in pre-kindergarten all the way through high school. The Mathnasium Method uses a unique combination of mental, verbal, visual, tactile, and written techniques to help children learn math. The nearest franchise to Mater Dei is located in Eastlake Village Center:

884 Eastlake Parkway, Suite 1623
Chula Vista, CA 91914
P: (619) 600-3993

The teachers are very well prepared and their learning method is truly effective. Senior Isabella Paoloni went while taking Algebra 2 and Trigonometry as a junior. “Mathnasium helped me passed from a D to a B. Even though math and I do not get along. The teachers made it a fun experience for me. It was a pleasure to go and learn, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who just needs to review a little bit or who needs a lot of help in their Math class, like me. I thank Mathnasium and their teachers for their patience, and because they helped me out when I was confused and desperate to pass the class,” she said.

Junior Mauricio Rodriguez and Sophomore Paulina Rodriguez are also Crusaders who attended Mathnasium. Paulina says she had trouble with her Algebra 1 class, but now that she is in Geometry she has an A and she understands chapters even before the teacher gives it. “It really impacted my grades in a very positive way and the practice made me more agile with numbers. Even if math is not too difficult for you, Mathnasium will advance you in any subject you like and it will be fun and helpful,” said M. Rodriguez.

Mathnasium will advance you in any subject you like and it will be fun and helpful.”

— Mauricio Rodriguez

Senior Rafael Camou says he just started going to Mathnasium, and he already understands perfectly every point taught in class and he loves the Mathnasium teaching techniques.

Junior Maria Fernanda Duran started going to Mathnasium when she was a freshman, and now she really enjoys her classes. Fernanda Duran practices once a week and says that she is improving constantly. Her 5 year old sister also attends the classes and they both enjoy them. “It is better to start understanding math when one is little, I have noticed how my little sister develops her mathematical abilities and I wish my parents had done that to me,” Fernanda Duran said.

Junior Maribel Garcia is another Crusader who has benefited from Mathnasium. “I feel that Mathnasium has really helped me understand the material that I am learning at school. It has allowed me to improve my math grade as well as apply the material in my assignments and tests,” Garcia said.

Mathnasium has become a very famous learning center for Math. It is a place where one is certain to learn whatever Math subject one needs, and in an easy way, as well as being really helpful for passing tests. Don’t think, just go! Crusaders recommend it.

Mathnasium is a place where people can learn any level of Math and have fun. MDCHS has many students who attend it and who have had positive outcomes. Overall, it is very recommendable with an affordable price.

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