Supernatural Sandwiches

Food from Out-of-this-world

V. Torres-Munoz

Mexican white shrimp, buttery toasted bun, crispy smoked bacon, aioli, and avocado

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For this installment I decided to visit the locally famous Supernatural Sandwiches. This place is relatively new to the city but already has a loyal customer base. Their specialty is seafood sandwiches and the moment you walk in you can tell that something is different about this sub shop. The artwork and sandwich names are inspired by Greek mythological beings. The whole place has an underground feel that makes the ambiance really cool to be in. I will be presenting three of my best selections at this restaurant. (Spoiler alert: this place really does know what they are doing.)

The “Neptune” is a scallop with bacon sandwich that has a great blend of flavor and is big enough to fill you up. At first I thought it was a bit overpriced for a sandwich but I was turned once I took a bite into this great sandwich. the  best thing in this sandwich has to be the spicy sauce, I am a spice lover and the flavor in this sandwich left me very satisfied and honestly, craving for more.

The Cthulu is the lobster with mani butter sandwich. Depending on what you like the sandwich is buttery. The combination of the bread and lobster is really good. Something different in this place is that the bread looks like white bread put in half, which means that the sandwich is softer and not as tough to bite in than your regular sub.

The Harpy is, in my opinion, for the people that do not want a busy sandwich. It consist of shrimp, balsamic, bacon and lettuce. The sandwich is still a warm one but it has a kind of fresh feel to eat that will not make you feel bad about eating it. It does contain cheese which is really good again in my opinion it is light.

Putting it all together this place is really a great place to try out and try something different. All I wish is that there was more places like this. One thing I do recommend is to open more restaurants closer to the downtown area. This places is filled with options so you can try something different for more than a week. The combinations in this place are very creative and make the whole restaurant a great experience.

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Supernatural Sandwiches