Father with 705 Children

Father with 705 Children

A. Gardi Crusader Staff

From left to right: Arianna Garcia, Father Gonzalo, Fau Pedrero

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Students at Mater Dei might have noticed that God has sent a new man to lead them. One might find him hanging out at lunch with students or serving them their bread and wine every other Wednesday. Who is he? He is the new chaplain of Mater Dei Catholic: Father Gonzalo Viana.

“He has a very calm presence to him and instantly takes away any stress you are feeling,” explains junior Ariana Garcia. Garcia has been participating in spiritual direction since she first came to Mater Dei her sophomore year.

Father Gonzalo wants to be in touch with the students and hopes to personally know them all. The way he looks at it, Father Gonzalo sees the students as “a bunch of little sheep” that he hopes to guide to Christ. His goal is to reach out to and be active in each student’s life and help them learn that God is available to help whenever for whatever reason. Father Gonzalo is extremely excited to start doing spiritual direction at Mater Dei so it is very important for everyone to know that he is here to help.

Father Gonzalo was born in Argentina and later moved to the United States where he joined the priesthood.“I knew he was not from here immediately because of his strong accent,” says junior Camila Torres.

Father Gonzalo is going to be a great addition to the Crusader Family! Together, Father Gonzalo and the Mater Dei community can accomplish anything. Although many have enjoyed and greatly miss Mater Dei’s former priests, students can look forward to a new face in their church and school lives.


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Father with 705 Children