Fighting for Feminism

Pushing Social Guidelines to Introduce Equality and Justice

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All over social media today many teenagers will either support or argue about the term: feminist.  According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, a feminist is “someone that supports the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” This topic has caused major debate among male and female social media users who do not grasp the whole concept. The millennials and teenagers today who are not fully aware of the terms meaning often get the wrong idea of what the feminist movement’s goal is.


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There are many misconceptions about what feminist and the feminism movement platform. One of the most common misconceptions about feminism is in the name. Many people believe that it is only for women and only supports women. This modern day revolution has nothing to do with one’s sexual orientation or intolerance towards the male gender. Freshman Grace Pedregal believes that “People can overestimate the word and see feminist as over defensive but I see them and this movement as something that can change the world. Feminism is not a female exclusive movement and more people need to know that.” A feminist can be from any gender role, background, and culture to support equal opportunity for all.

“Feminism is not a female exclusive movement…more people need to know that.”

Another myth that can be historically confusing is that women are equal now because they won their right to vote with the 19th Amendment. Women are still far behind in many different ways compared to men. Feminist bloggers and writers bring up any many kinds of issues that women have to face compared to males. These matters can range from the pay gap to privilege…gender stereotypes to the idea of having to choose between beauty or brains.

“Women should not have to choose between whether their eyeliner looks good or their GPA.”


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Feminists all over the world are fighting for the right of education for all. Sixteen year old Malala Yousafzai received the EU Human Rights Prize for being a feminist and humans right activist. In 2012 she shook the world by being shot by the Taliban while promoting education for girls in Pakistan. Malala bravely stands for the right of children to receive education.


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“This right for girls is far too commonly neglected.”

Junior Malia Noble suggest that Mater Dei Catholic High School start a feminism club. Noble says “High schoolers are not just teenagers behind screens, they are experienced students facing limitations of supposedly not knowing much, but actually they know the most with the help of social media. We are the generation who has started the movement on our phones.” Main arguments about feminism are what high school students see as an integral part of their reality as citizens of a progressing country. Hashtags and teenage citizen journalism are changing the way narrative is formed in media stories. The tweets that can only be under 140 characters are starting campaigns that can change the world. 

Hashtags and teenage citizen journalism are changing the way narrative is formed in media stories.

Like Gloria Steinmen said “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of men and women.” The world needs to be ready to answer the call to change and reform for everyone to be equal. The next generation are the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Feminism and the feminist movement are beyond destructive and oppressed, gender-biased thinking, and people have to get beyond that. This is what feminism fights for.

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