Freshmen join ASB’s ranks

Miguel Moreno

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Every year student body is faced with a whole new reality which is called high school. Worrying about lockers, grades, social life, and sports. And there are others who have to face their fear of public speaking for the chance to become part of ASB.

“One main reason you should vote for me is how involved I am with the school” was part of the speech that Freshman President Preston Munoz said. Through this and many other ways freshman candidates persuaded their fellow freshman class to vote for them.

Teachers encourage students to run for ASB whether it is for something big like the president of the freshmen class or something that seems smaller but still has important responsibilities such as historian.

However all this jobs and tasks are equally important to everyone. “Joining ASB gives you an early experience of citizenship” Mr. Izidoro government teacher explains why it is important to join ASB and or other clubs as well “just joining helps, sports, ASB, clubs, just being involve in your school help. The more you give to the school, the more you will get back.”

The voting system of the ASB officers includes all students, they must register with their student ID and then in a specific day they will all vote either between lunch or break. No official complaints have been done with the voting system in the past years.

The Freshmen ASB Class officers and their duties of 2016 are:

  • Freshman Class President – Preston Munoz: The president is the head official of his or her departments and part of the executive board which includes all other presidents of the other classes. The president must know what everyone is doing and be the head of all decisions. This includes being an active member of the class at all times.
  • Vice-President– Kyler Mamou: As vice president you must make sure you’re with the class president at all times, you must make sure if the president can’t do a job or is not available to attend you must stand up and take responsibilities.
  • Secretary– Lucero Griego: The secretary must take and notes during meetings, take all the important points and mark them down.
  • Treasurer– Meagan Sharp: Treasurer plays a special role, they must balance and check all finances of the school. That includes all official meetings and even important events such as plays, dances, and rallies.
  • Spirit Commissioner– Fernanda Serrano: Spirit commissioner is to take care of all representation of their class, they must make sure their class has the most possible spirit in all events
  • Historian– Hennesy Martinez & Eric Trus: Historian stores and puts down all important documents from their class. That includes fliers, announcements, posters, ASB documents and other papers.
  • Inventory– Anahid Ounigian: Takes care of all items that are in their class, he or she must organize them and have them in one place, because when they are needed for revision or for some event, they need to pull it out easily.

Congratulations to all of the officers and may they all represent their class at the best of their ability.

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