Sports Medicine

Clifford Kidd, Staff Writer

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Mater Dei has introduced a new elective this year called Sports Medicine. The new class has brought much interest from the student body.

Thomas Schmitt, junior, has shown interest because he aspires to one day have a career in kinesiology, “I took this class, because I was kind of interested in doing sports medicine, or a physical trainer as a career. The class was a good way to see if I actually wanted to pursue sports medicine as a career.”

The class is a great way to advance your knowledge in the kinesiology study. Athletic Trainer at Mater Dei and teacher of Sports Medicine, Paul Batillo is excited for the students to deepen their understanding on Sports Medicine, “It’s a good alternative for students to experience the field of sports medicine instead of a traditional elective.”

The class gives a great opportunity to expand knowledge on the study of the body, and the vast variety of paths that can open up with a kinesiology degree. He explains that students, “will learn about the body and how it functions, learn how to tape and wrap, you can learn about nutrition, sub divisions of sport medicine, and what career paths you can take instead of athletic training” Batillo explains.

This class can give students an advantage or head start in their aspirations. Sabrina Mata, senior and student athlete (water polo) joined the class because she, “plan[s] on majoring in some type of medical career.”

The class is a great way for student athletes to understand their injuries, another reason Mata has shown interest is, “I want to be familiar with my body, being an athlete, so that way I can have a better understanding of what I have injured or what I will in the future injury because I am a student-athlete. I want to be familiar with my own injuries.”

The class is great for those who are interested in the body and how it functions. Any students interested in taking up sports medicine as a class should speak to their counselors!

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Clifford Kidd, Staff Writer

Clifford Kidd is a senior at Mater Dei Catholic High School. This San Diego native's interests include athletics and health.

Sports Medicine