Cultural Christmas Traditions at Mater Dei

Aubrey Gardi

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Winter break is here and Christmas is right around the corner Christmas is full of joy and happiness, and the two-week break from school isn’t so bad either. During this time we find that friends and families spend more time together enjoying the season and participating in many traditions.  What’s interesting to find is how different every families’ traditions are.

Angela Pipkins, sophomore student, says her family enjoys a Japanese soup called “shabu shabu” which she says is “almost like pho-type soup and my family makes a lot of it!”

Of course, there are the Mexican traditions. “Tamales! And chamurrado! We make them homemade then eat them for Christmas all together with tons of family members” says senior Camila Torres.

Other than food some families focus on the religious aspect of Christmas like ninth grader Jenny Keenan, who shares “my family goes to church on Christmas Eve”.

Senior Maryann Zora explains her Chaldean family is huge and has parties with over 70 family members! She says, “the girls all go into the kitchen and start cooking a dish that takes hours to make called pacha” but even though it takes a long time to make, “we just enjoy being with each other and cooking together.”

Mater Dei is diverse and takes pride in honoring the many cultures represented at the school. No matter how families choose to celebrate Christmas, it is clear to see that everyone enjoys the holidays and being with loved ones during this season.

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Cultural Christmas Traditions at Mater Dei