College applications loom for seniors

Clifford Kidd, Staff Writer

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Mater Dei is hoping to see all seniors head off to college next year. Mater Dei has had the goal of sending all of their seniors to four-year universities since the opening of the Mater Dei Campus in 2007.

Ms. Puschendorf, counselor, says, “We have always said this. And this is definitely our goal for all of our students. In order to achieve this, I would encourage all students, from the time they are freshmen to study hard and get the best possible grades they can achieve. Go to tutoring if need be! Become a well- rounded student by participating in extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school.” The counselors would like to remind all students to never stop striving for their highest potential.

As seniors are still tackling their college applications, sometimes it is good to relax and see what the aspirations are of the students, by going to college. Senior, Arianna Inferrera says, “I want to be the first in my family to attend a four-year college. I want to become a physical therapist so my first four years are going to be very critical to my career.”

The students understand the commitment of attending college but nothing is holding them back from their ambitions. Senior, Eduardo Charvel gets straight to the point saying, “I want to go to college because I want to study a subject I am passionate about.” Students are applying to schools in hope of their aspirations being met. Students knowing what they want to do will empower them even more to approach the application process with enthusiasm.

With the excitement of going college, seniors must remember they are still in high school, with classes to attend every day and to excel in those classes.

Some students find it a struggle while some do not. Arianna states, “It is very hard keeping up with school work. On top of my academic challenging classes and also working on essays, I find it hard to have any life in between.”

Eduardo Charvel adds, “Balancing college apps and school work has been hard because I felt like I could not focus on both things at the same time.”

Some students find it easier managing their time to get through it all. Senior Tatyana Rodriguez says, “It’s really not that hard to balance out my school work and having time to get my college apps done. I usually do my homework right after school and then work on college apps when I get home, with the help of my brother.”

With seniors in a hurry to submit their college applications, some gave advice to the lower classmen.

Arianna says to the younger classmen, “Start early and ask Dr. Till for help. She really helps. Just stay focused and you can’t get lazy with them. You have to start as soon as they open and try and finish them before finals or even December. Keep on track and just stay organized throughout it all and dedicate time every week to work on them. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your classmates or teachers.”Most seniors interviewed agreed that avoiding stress by starting early is key.

Ms. Puschendorf echoes this, “Start doing research early, get on to your Naviance account, and do the ‘about me’ section that includes a career test and personality test, and then once they find something they may be interested in they can start doing a college search on their Naviance account. Also, I would encourage students to come speak to the college representatives we have here on campus. Go on the college field trips the counseling department offers, and maybe visit some other universities in the summer with your family.” The counselors and seniors at Mater Dei understand the importance of preparing for college applications, they stress the younger classmen get started as soon as possible!

The counselors and seniors at Mater Dei understand the importance of preparing for college applications. To all procrastinating seniors, good luck finishing, and to all younger students take this as advice to start as soon as possible.




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