Crusaders take on 2016 Finals

Mariela Serrano, Staff Writer

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Crusaders are at the point in the semester where they grab their notes and other resources remembering everything they learned from August until to now.

Finals can also be stressful since sometimes student notes are not complete, or they haven’t taken any notes at all.

School counselor, Ms. Puschendorf gave some useful tips for these stressful finals:

  1. Make flashcards
  2. Study in groups, if it helps
  3. Review all notes

She concludes that after working hard and studying, “Just have faith in your studies and yourself because everything is going to turn out great.”

Everyone has their own way of studying. Some students need complete silence, others need to listen to music, and some even have to sing so the jingle stays in their head.

Senior Arianna Inferrera is all about comfort. She mentions getting ready to study “by putting my fuzzy socks, eating pizza, and being relaxed.” Then she’s ready to study by, “using all the study guides my teachers gave me.”

Some students are more relaxed than others and agree what Ms. Pushendorf said about having faith in themselves. A senior, Brighid Healy says, “I go over my test and quizzes, makes Quizlets, and often at times just wing it.” Marco Manzano, also a senior, agrees with Brighid that reviewing tests and quizzes leads to success.

A sophomore, Enrique Corona says “Depends of the final, it is easier just study for them because it’s just the equations and it’s no necessarily difficult to remember. But for harder subjects like science I use the flash cards we have made throughout the year so that I can properly prepare for the fins.” Some students do not find it that hard.

Lastly, Nick Carlone, junior, reminds Crusaders that it really depends on the subject, “If I feel I am prepared enough then I can spend less time studying on those classes and focus on the classes where I really need to make sure I’ve understood everything the teachers wants me to understand.”

The finals start on Monday, December 12.

  • On Monday the English Final will be taken at 8:45am and at 10:45am the Theology final.
  • On Tuesday the World Language final will be at 8:45am and again at 10:45am the Science final
  • On Wednesday the Social studies final at 8:45am and the Mathematics final al 10:45am

Your teachers can tell Crusaders where their finals will be taking place or there is a list of classroom and teachers for each final exam by the front bulletin board and posted in the library windows.

As the library will be closed for testing during finals, students who need a quick review or a study break can study in the theater which will be open to all.

Finals always seem to be stressful for students. Just remember to try your hardest and have faith in yourself.

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