PowerSchool App offers convenience

Mariela Serrano, Staff Writer

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Whether you want to see if your test got published, or if you’re on the go and can’t pull out your laptop, or a multitude of other reasons; there is now an easily accessible app for school called, Power School.

Powerschool acquired Haiku Learning at the start of 2016. This app makes it easier for student or parents to have a fast check on grades. Like if it is 11:59pm and you have exactly one more minute to turn in an assignment the app will save you time.

Many students have taken the time to download Power School out of the App Store while other students have just overlooked it. Natalia Bañales is the latter. She admits “The truth is even though I check up Power School at regular base there is no need for the app since it takes up storage when I can easily just check in safari or in my laptop.”

The people who are usually more involved in their electronics are the ones who usually have the app. A junior, Sergio Gonzalez says “It’s a great tool on checking your grades on the run or if you need to quickly contact a teacher if you have a question on the assignment.”

This app has also made it easier for concerned parents checking up on their kids. Alberto Serrano says, “I downloaded the app on my phone so that I can always be aware of my daughter’s grades. I feel that this app gives me an easier access to my daughter’s academics. I know what is happening in her school life and appreciate the app.”

Parents who need a username and password to access their students’ grades can contact Mr. Velazquez

The app has helped many students since the app is in their homepage and alerts them of due dates. This is a recommended app for anyone who wants to stay connected with teachers or with the school.

It can be downloaded on iTunes or GooglePlay. and is free to purchase and use.



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