Tutoring Makes Advances

Alissa Maria Scott, Writer

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Mater Dei’s tutoring program has made some advances over the years. In the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, after school tutoring had finally gotten some stability.  Before then, it was more of a peer tutoring center.

Peer tutoring did not work out due to student schedules and lack of reliability. Students seem to be adapting well to the change. Junior, Nikolas Carlone shares, ”It’s been nice. Whenever I need help I can always ask Mr. Rachlin.”

After school tutoring a provided a place where students can be in a relaxed environment and still get the help they need. When asked about the more laid back setting, Sophomore Robert Garcia states, “You’re in a classroom for 6 hours, so like when you come here you can relax  and do your homework instead of being in the same place than you were for the 6 hours.”

There is also a new program this year called “Cupertino Program.” The Cupertino Program is when the parents and/or the student sign up for a certain number of days to be in after school tutoring.

It is named after the patron saint of studying, St. Joseph of Cupertino. This saint had many gifts, but he had to study extra hard to do well in the seminary. So as a program for students who want to become better academically, it was a perfect fit.

The program itself has about 30 students that are enrolled. Monzerrat Gomez, a Freshman involved in the Cupertino Program shares, “They help us very much with finishing homework and we ask questions if we need any help and this is a nice little Cupertino class.”

The majority of students have seen an improvement in their grades. Jessica Peralta, a Junior explains, “At first I wasn’t really satisfied, I really didn’t have a good attitude towards it, but during my time here I have actually thanked the people that have helped me improve on my subjects.”

Tutoring is available in the digital lounge Monday-Thursday after school for an hour and a half. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is morning tutoring from 7:00am to 7:45am. The schedule is available online and posted in the Digital Lounge.

Everyone is welcomed. While the supervising teachers, Mr. Rachlin and Ms. Peck, are both English teachers, the program helps in all subjects such as science, math, and even religion!

As Robert Garcia says, “They are always willing to help you no matter what!” So if you are having trouble with a subject or even just want a relaxed environment to get some homework done, tutoring is the place to go.

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