Crusader Alumni succeeds reporting on sports

Mariela Serrano and Sergio Gonzalez

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Once a Crusader, always a Crusader is what we say, and Lorena Tronosco is no exception. She was a Crusader to the core still representing Crusader golf on her Instagram page. Though she graduated in 2011, she came back to Mater Dei in January to share her journalistic successes with the journalism class.

“The world of reporting is male dominated, and to see her is amazing, she broke the barrier.” Remarks the Director of Admissions, Roy Vasquez with proudness in his voice.

It all started here back at Mater Dei campus. She says that her four years in this school were not the best, “I was never a perfect student, and I was never the one with a 4.0.” In fact, due to her part in a senior prank, she had to serve detentions in the summer after graduation. She remembers that as a pivotal part of her life,  “Life shocked me the moment they told me I couldn’t walk on my graduation and still had to go to summer school. All because I did not believe in myself and what I am capable of.”

A junior, Victor Manuel Garcia says, “I was always told that a 4.0 means you are smart and anything below was not acceptable, hearing Lorenas’s story showed me my grades will not define my future.”

The only female reporting at el Estadio de los Xolos

Deciding to put some faith in herself, after getting her diploma at Mater Dei she headed to Universidad Iberoamericana in Ciudad de Mexico. It took her a while to find her passion. She started off with medicine and architecture however after a while noticed that was not her passion. Soon enough she came into the career of sports reporting and can now not see herself without it.

Even Roy Vasquez could see her in this career. He says, “It didn’t surprise me to see her have a role interviewing people, for her it is a perfect fit, she loves sports and she can talk to anyone.”

She is the only female reporting on Tijuana’s national soccer team, Xolos. She explains how sometimes people do not take her seriously because of it but it makes her stronger.

A junior at Mater Dei, Mariela Franco considers herself to be a feminist. She says, “She seems like a role model to women, I admire how she ignores the fact that she is one of few women reporting for Xolos, I still do not know what career I’m going to choose but whatever choice I make it’s not going to be because of my gender.”

In spite of being the only woman reporting, she has pitched many unique stories and had the chance to be supported by Univision. She wanted to bring a little bolt to the Xolos by uniting them with the Chargers for a day. She crossed the border with some of the Xolos players and the coach. The former San Diego Football team welcomed them into their training facility where the players taught one another other some of their tricks. It was the first time in history where these two sports merged.

Lorena unites two teams like never before

In addition to discussing her successes, she also emphasized the less glamorous parts of the job, including the hours that don’t bring home the bacon. She admits “I only got like 800 pesos (30 dollars at that time)” when I started. Sometimes she would even work without pay just for the experience.

Being a journalist is pure passion. Despite the low pay, hard work, and fighting the gender divide, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Returning to her roots, she discussed her career path with the journalism class.

A senior and the anchor for MDTV, Cassie Esparza shares, “I think she is really passionate about her work. She showed me that by working hard you can achieve your goals.” Focusing on the biggest inspiration as a prospective journalist she adds, “I think its crazy how she is the first female reporting in Xolos, she is the start for more people.”

The other MDTV anchor, Clifford Kidd adds, “It was cool meeting a real reporter. I have never had the opportunity to talk to a bilingual reporter.” He says how she was a little inspiration, “I also want to be a bilingual reporter, communication skills, and being able to talk fast.”

SaveRoy Vasquez concludes that she was a great guest speaker, “I think the more times we can expose young men and women to role models it inspires them to follow their dreams.”




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Crusader Alumni succeeds reporting on sports