Science Academy makes the school greener

Mariela Serrano, Staff Writer

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Trash is a problem that is expanding beyond Mater Dei Campus. It’s something everyone does thinking they can get away with it. Sometimes buying a recycled product can cost a little more and we do not want to waste our loose change, or sometimes our lazy side comes out and we do not want to go all the way to the blue bin just to throw a plastic bottle , but there are also people who just do not care.

Recycling is recovering used materials from the waste stream and incorporating those materials into the manufacturing process. There are many kinds of recycling and right now trash is consuming us.

The president of Mater Dei, Mr. Rey tells us how crucial recycling is and how the school is being responsible about since they have seventeen staff members are helping us. Since it is our responsibility and “we are making sure to do all in our power and to maintain our planet for generations to come.” He then addressed us to Jim Bunge

Luckily the school is involved with the Aramark Company, which means we do recycle. Jim Bunge responsible for the Mater Dei recycling program says, “We have two recycling dumpster in the back, all the cardboard goes in there, they are hauled away by the company and they recycle it and all of the blue bins, it is all collected by the custodial crew, and once a month we take it to the recycling place, and they give the school a check.”

Bunge emphasized the importance of recycling and concludes “There are many ways, we are not filling landfills, taking the cardboard so it can be used again, good for the environment. Resources tend to run out if we don’t recycle them.”

While there are many recyclable products (beverage containers, carpets, electric waste, paint, plastic, tires, and even carpets), there are also other thing that can never be recycled like napkins, light bulbs, or even chemicals.

To combat this un-recyclable waste, Dr. Till and all of the science academy students joined together to create something useful for students that would have ended up in a land field becoming waste. Dr. Till remarks, “The Earth Bench was unique since we filled the garbage with trash not recyclable.” The trash inside would have taken years to discompose.

The earth bench was made from plastic bottles, pieces of wood to close the base, bags of dirt to cover up the base, and even natural concrete. James Harper, a mechanical engineer that helped create the earth bench mentions that the concrete is a combination of dirt and sand.

The Earth Bench that has been created from the Science Academy students

The whole purpose for the earth bench is so that one day the school will have solar panels on more than just the parking lot. Then, solar panels on the bench can absorb the rays of light from the sun and create energy so that students can charge their school computer before, during break/ lunch, and after school. James Harper says “In a hundred years when this ends up disintegrating it will go back to just being part of the earth”.

A junior in Science Academy, Oscar Prada explains his favorite thing about this activity “We are exploring new ways to obtain energy without having to waste money.” The Earth Bench will hopefully save us money when it is finished and teach students new ways to go green.

The Science Academy is not finished yet and they are still brainstorming other great ideas. Soon, during Spring the class will make pots for plants and spread them around school. .

The school will be seeing these more during spring.

They are even thinking about getting rid of the water fountains and installing hydration stations, just like the ones you see in airports. They will only be filled by whoever brings a container and this would limit the use of water bottles. A Science Academy junior, Dimitri Gianousopoulos says “The hydration station is a great addition because it promotes the importance of drinking water and less plastic waste.”

Science Academy has come up with great ideas that make Mater Dei a greener place. Other great helpful ideas have been the solar panels in the parking lot.



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