Changes make library convenient

Sergio Gonzalez, Staff Writer

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Rushing to the library during break to print the papers before next block.

Printing is a problem that every student faces, either its forgotten, or they don’t have accessibility to a printer. Not only is that the only problem when trying to print, but a bigger obstacle is not having money in your accounts to be able to print.

The school is trying to move away from the old method of having money on the accounts to having a library card which anyone can add more money as needed. The old system is that of having an account where at the beginning of the year the students start out with one dollar and every page they print costs ten cents.

With the old system of printing, many students forget their accounts, or they run out of money, having to ask for money or for someone to print for them. The school is trying to get away from this old method because many students fail to turn in hard copies of homework due to this issue. Not only is it homework, but they also fail to turn in bigger assignments such as printed projects, or even AWP’s. The faculty at Mater Dei is trying to make printing a more accessible thing for all people, no matter what, by moving to having money on a student’s ID, that they can then use as a payment method to print. An 11th grade student Jorge Tagle states “ I have no problem with the method that we have right now because I always make sure I have money to be able to print, and I have my account written down in my phone” he sees no need for this change, because he does not see it as broken.  

The new method is a way to make it easier for all students to be able to print without having the struggle of asking for money, or trying to remember your account. The benefits of the new method are that a student can just give money to the librarian to be able to print which makes it much easier on the student, but puts a little more pressure on the librarian with all the money she is being handed. The good thing about moving to this new method is that it is easier for the students to pay upfront to be able to print. The downside is that this new method might still not be able to fix the problem of the students forgetting their account to print. Another thing that is not so positive about this new move is that the librarian must deal with all the money that she will be handed. The librarian Ms. Hickman states “I would prefer that there is a way to put money online, the way parents can hook up a debit card or the students, so I don’t have to deal with money, and deal with the books and the printing.” She thinks that moving to the new method is a good thing, but she would rather not have to deal with the money or handing books out. An 11th grader Carlos Cerna says “I think that it is a good thing that we are moving to a new method because I always forget my account or if I remember it, I have no money on it, and knowing that now I can just pay upfront is something big because that way I don’t have to worry about me not having money”

In addition to changes in payment, the library is now open later. The new hours are from Monday through Thursday from 7:30 to 5 and on Friday from 7:30 to 4. These extended hours will be staffed by Mater Dei teachers. These hours are temporary as the school tries extended hours as direct result of the Town Hall held earlier this school year.

The school and library are both moving forward and making changes. While some people are resistant to change, they need to give the new concepts a chance and pray it is something that will benefit them, even if it is something as small as printing a paper or an extra hour of the library.



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Changes make library convenient