Science Academy hosts blood drive

Mariela Serrano

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Students in Mater Dei are motivating themselves to give blood since some are afraid of needles. However many patients in hospitals fear death itself. They are counting on our donations so that they can survive another day

As some of you may know, the director of science academy, Dr. Till and the science academy class came up with the idea of bringing in the blood drive on Tuesday, February 28 from 8am to 1:30 pm at the lobby of the Bosco Gym. Thank you to all the students that supported this donation and gave blood it was the 2nd year and a big success.

San Diego Blood Bank arrives to Mater Dei

Some donors were not easily convinced but there were so many reasons to donate. According to the organization that came to Mater Dei, San Diego Blood Bank:

  • 37% of people are eligible to donate blood and only 5% will use their time to donate.
  • The San Diego Blood Bank is the primary supplier of blood in most hospitals in San Diego.
  • More than 350 blood components are needed every day for the hospital supply
  • It only takes 10 minutes or less
  • 1 out of every 7 people entering the hospital needs blood.
  • Lastly of course is that it is safe, easy, and saves lives.

If these reasons all seem appealing then what are the requirements?

These are five basic requirements for many students

  • 16 years or older.
  • Weigh at least 114 lbs.
  • Good health and having no active flu or other temporary sicknesses.
  • Valid Identification with picture
  • Parents/ guardian signature

Two juniors Natalia Banales and Alexa Dominguez comment on the weight restriction. Natalia says, “I’m underweight and doctors have told me that by donating blood I can get week and cannot produce the blood to give away.” Alexa tells her side, “I do not understand why since I cannot go over weight no matter how much I eat.” The requirements are specific but it’s for your health.

Other students last year unfortunately could not donate since they live in Mexico. The students were informed that the blood was not clean since the living conditions are very different. This year that requirement changed. Now any student that is a U.S citizen can donate.

A senior, Ingrid Robledo said with excitement, “I am glad that the people who live in Mexico had an opportunity to donate. Last year I wanted to help in the donation but could not. I am proud to say that my friends and I donated today for a good cause.” She explains that the blood donation should be more than once a year since as the staff was taking blood from her she noticed how many others were struggling to find the vein. This happens when someone is nervous and unexperienced. She concludes “I think more students would be willing to donate blood if it was more frequent.”

Many Crusaders donating their blood for a good cause

Brandon Moore, a junior in science academy says why he decided to donate, “I wanted to help those people in San Diego that are struggling and need blood, because I realize I am very fortunate that I am healthy.” He also mentions how by doing this donation he is supporting Science Academy and a catholic school. “I believe what they’re doing reflects the Catholic identity of our school, and sets a good example of how we should serve others.”

Hopefully everyone could donate at the school or somewhere else. These are some motivational words from Dr. Till to encourage everyone. “There’s always a chronic blood shortage for patients who need it.” Your blood never goes to waste.



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Science Academy hosts blood drive