The Solar Eclipse Unite the School

Mariela Serrano, Staff Writer

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The senior lawn became the center for Mater Dei and Juan Diego Academy on August 21st when students and faculty alike joined to partake in the 2017 solar eclipse.

Even Mr. Milke gets in on the fun using his glasses to see the moon begin to cover the sun.

Since looking at the sun directly is dangerous all present wore their school provided eye gear. In a statement to the parents Mater Dei guaranteed that these glasses met with the NASA safety guidelines.

To be sure the students’ vision was safe, one of the Science Academy teachers Mrs. Crystal Serrano, checked a random sample of the glasses with a spectrometer tests and found they more than met the standards suggested by the school.

Though San Diego only experienced a partial eclipse, the buzz has been mainly positive, A senior, Gaby Alatorre says, “I liked that the school wanted to observe this, it does not happen often and I liked how the school thought of us.”

The last partial eclipse visible from San Diego was in 2014, with the next one occurring in 2023 according to the Fleet Science Center.

Joining the Crusaders on the field were the students of Juan Diego Academy.

“Even though we’re not going to be here, the school should make this a tradition. It’s a nice way to bring the school closer” senior Andrea Alonso claims. This was the first large school event where  the elementary school and high school seemed to celebrate as one.

In this way, it seems nature pulls everyone together.

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The Solar Eclipse Unite the School