Club days sees new and returning clubs

Mariana Solares, Staff Writer

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Club Day was August 5th and 6th during lunch at Fatima Court. Club Day gave all students the opportunity to look at the different clubs on campus  to find old and new ones that might cater to their interests.

Some of clubs at Mater Dei are Pro-life club,  Academic League, and band club. One of the more popular clubs at Mater Dei is culinary club which has made presence for four years. The members of the club are in charge of the annual Christmas cookies competition and each year they participate in activates like service activities and bake sales to raise money for Catholic charities.

When asked about the club’s activities Ms. Katheryn Olson, English teacher and head of the culinary club responded, “They’ve baked cookies or cinnamon rolls, I’ve had students bring in chicken tortilla soup that they’ve made, they share recipes with each other,they talk about tv cooking shows that we like to watch”. Culinary club meets the second Tuesday of each month in Ms. Olson’s room.

Club Day also gives ambitious students the opportunity to make their own clubs and  attracts members during club days. Isabella Delgado, junior, talked about what her goal is in creating a new film club, “We want to push people to put their stories out there and show them to people.” The first film club meeting in September 25th in Lima 07 during lunch.

Club Day is an opportunity for students to explore new hobbies and become more involved in the school

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