Freshmen show spirit before school starts

Mater Dei has added a new and exciting school event to their community.

Sarah Fieck, Staff Writer

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The class of 2021 is the largest Freshmen class to this point at Mater Dei. Even before classes begun, ASB added a new event to their lineup community. Mater Dei held the first freshmen Lock-In. This event will help the freshmen get information about Mater Dei, meet other students (freshmen and upper classmen), and help make their transition from middle school to high school smoother.

Julie Arballo shows off her dance moves as fellow freshen look on.

There were roughly 150 freshmen in attendance. According to ASB Sophomore President, Preston Munoz, the freshmen look very determined to take on their high school years, very spirited, creative and outgoing. Their spirit sets them apart from other classes.

Some of the events that took place this year consisted of rock paper scissors, potato sack races, glow-in-the-dark tag and other activities. Because of such high attendance for this event, there will be a very large chance it will happen next year.

According to freshman Emily Granberg, who attended the Lock-In; the event was very crowded, but under control. She says it was a great way to get students introduced to the school. There were many new students in attendance to meet and it was very welcoming.

A word of advice from Munoz to the freshmen; “Enjoy your time, live, laugh, make mistakes and learn from them. Most importantly stay yourself.”

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