Hydration stations benefit all

Jalyse Hanson, Staff Writer

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Hydration stations are currently positioned around campus positively impacting both the school and the environment. The recent installation of these stations encourages students and staff to use reusable water bottles and to provide people on campus with filtered water.

As Amorette Hernandez (c/o 2017), one of the students who got these stations installed, said, “the stations are catered to the use of reusable water bottles and allow for convenient experience while the water fountains are not and do not.” Her partner for this AP Environmental Science final project was Luis Cerna (c/o 2017) and their aim for this project was to implement something that would have a lasting impact on the school.

Many people have been taking advantage of the stations at school. Especially many athletes, including Isabel Roji, a cross country runner, expressed how she has an easier way to fill up her reusable water bottles. This effects athletes in particular because they have to stay hydrated for their practices and games.

The easy to use water fountain allows people to place the water bottle vertically under the fountain and automatically fills up due to the sensor. This method is more convenient for water bottles, thus better for our environment on campus than the traditional water fountains.

Although many people do enjoy and appreciate the hydration stations, there are some people who feel there is no difference between the normal fountains. They have said the water is warm and they cannot taste the difference in the water. As Christina Hernandez and Maddy Castillo, two student athletes at Mater Dei, have stated, “It tastes like drinking water from a normal faucet.”

The hydration stations have been placed directly above the previously existing water fountains in the front office, near the library, and near the deans office; they also have a tracker that tracks how many plastic disposable water bottles have been prevented from harming our earth.



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Hydration stations benefit all