The construction of Speed Bumps has caused various opinions to arise

Manuella Sobol, Staff Writer

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Mater Dei Catholic High School constructed speed bumps on school campus alleviating the safety hazards that occurred from careless drivers. Despite the reduction of collisions, students hold varying opinions.

Based on past driving collisions, head of security, Bob Adams, stated the need to construct speed bumps. As he watches the traffic in the student parking lot, he notices that,” a lot of people aren’t paying attention when they are driving. They are talking on the phone which I see every day.” His encouragements to reduce safety hazards and improve the flow of traffic led Mater Dei to take action upon these dangers.

Despite the decrease of traffic risks, many students have diverse opinions on the effectiveness of these bumps. Senior class president, Bandon Moore shares his opinions towards the lumps in the road stating, “I think that installing speed bumps was a good idea for students’ safety on campus.”

He further elaborates his opinion, “The past three years, I have witnessed a lot of parents and students speeding in the parking lot trying to get to class or to go home, which is dangerous because so many people are walking around. Therefore, the speed bumps can serve as a reminder to drivers that they are in a parking lot and should be cautious of pedestrians. I think they are good for parents, students, and visitors, and will hopefully help to prevent any future accidents.”

Brandon Moore confirms the positive impact these bumps have had on student driving as Bob earlier stated but despite his affirmative opinion, others are in a disagreement.

On the other hand, seniors Pablo Hernandez and Jordan Wesson share their perspectives.  Jordan Wesson states, “I hate them. Get rid of them. They’re so small; they don’t slow anyone down, they just irritate people. On top of that, there are too many.”

Similarliy, Pablo Hernandez shared, “They suck. The speed bumps are useless, ineffective, and pointless” When asked if they were reasonable due to past traffic collisions he responded, “No, I don’t think they are even big enough to stop any car crashes. They are just slightly annoying. I would be more in favor if they were bigger speed bumps.”

Students may be divided on the speed bumps, but the truth is they’re here to stay hopefully improving the flow of traffic, and has creating a controlled and safe driving environment for all drivers.

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The construction of Speed Bumps has caused various opinions to arise