Taking a deeper look at D.E.A.P Club

Alissa M. Scott, Writer

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D.E.A.P is a new club on campus created by senior, Sebastian Romero. D.E.A.P is not only a cool acronym, but it also stands for the four things Romero bases his club by: discipleship, evangelization, acceptance, and prayer.

He explains how D.E.A.P, “is a club for coming closer to God where many people feel distant from the church.”

This club is based on the beauty of prayer and the love of God. “One of the first things we do is offer up prayers for each other and then prayer together and do novenas. Also, whenever we have a problem we talk about it and help each other out” shares club member and senior, Rosalind Moore.

The club is based around prayer, that does not mean there is not any room to talk about the bigger things going on in people’s lives. This club offers a safe space and encourages its members to talk about whatever they are dealing with. Senior, Enrique Ramirez says “we talked about what challenges we have in our faith… and why bad things happen to good people.’’

Romero started the club because he felt there needed to be an example set on campus for people to grow closer to God. He sees it as a great opportunity for everyone to come together and praise God.

There are around 21 members actively participating in this club. Junior, John Estrada states, “I like the religious aspect of it and I wanted to grow my faith.”

Meetings are held every other Thursday during lunch. New members are always welcome.

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