Food drive deemed a success

Adriana Escasan

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Thanksgiving is a time when people reflect on what they are grateful for as well as take a chance to give back to those in their community.

Crusaders brought in food for Catholic Charities. Each class brought different sides. Freshmen brought stuffing, sophomores mashed potatoes, juniors were asked to bring yams, and seniors brought canned pumpkins.

Ms. Anthony, theology department head and teacher, said that this year’s donations were the highest they have ever had. She mentions that there is usually only one truckload but that this year they would need to fill up two.

Catholic Charities is an organization who helps people who have been through disasters, helps with affordable housing, health and nutrition, social enterprise, immigration and refugee services, leadership development and Catholic identity, and advocacy and social policy initiatives. Mater Dei helps this organization because it is a good way for students to realize and appreciate what they have and realize that they can give to those who need it the most.

In addition to the donations themselves, the bags they came in were also a gift. Ms. Anthony explains students were asked to keep the bags untied so Catholic Charities could more easily reuse them. As small as this seems, the plastic bags are great to give to the people along with the donations for easy transport.

Javier Bihouet, junior at Mater Dei says that he thinks the food drive is a great idea because everyone deserves a nice Thanksgiving meal and since we have the privilege we should be donating to those who need what we already have. Keyla Barron, junior at Mater Dei says that she thinks the food drive is a great opportunity for us to be able to show our Catholic charity.

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