Cafeteria offers more choices

Bianca Villalvazo, Staff Writer

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In attempts to offer students healthier options, the cafeteria lunch menu has been revamped. It now offers acai bowls, wraps, and new and improved salad varieties.

Senior student, Nicole Connor has seen the cafeteria lunch menu evolve drastically since her first year here at Mater Dei. One of the positive additions to the menu that she has noticed to be the most popular among students is the acai bowl. An acai bowl is a Brazilian dish made of frozen and mashed acai palm which is then topped with things such as fruit and granola.

The acai bowl craze has finally reached Mater Dei and students just can’t get enough! When the cafeteria is not completely sold out of them, they manage to sell 10-15 bowls in any given day of the week.

Conner mentioned that the old menu items seemed low quality and very unhealthy with things such as pizza and fries, so she would be more than happy to invest her money into food that was higher quality and would be healthier for her. In fact, Connor also wants to see a greater variety of health options added into the menu that she would feel good about buying like wraps, salads, and fruit bowls.

Cafeteria manager, Megan Donahey, feels good about the new items that have been added to the menu. She encourages students to get out of their comfort zones and try new lunches that they have never tried before. In response to students claiming that the new menu items are overpriced, she insists that students compare prices in other food stores and then see how they feel about the prices. For example, an acai bowl at Jamba Juice would cost $5.29 in contrast to only $4.00 at school.

Andrea Alonso was not hesitant to say, “I would probably be more likely to buy lunch here at school instead of bringing my own if they were priced a little bit lower because that is sometimes a deal-breaker for a lot of students.”

Megan Dohaney claims that Mater Dei has the best food for its value and wants students to try them all.

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