Crusaders Donate to Those in Need

Mariela Franco

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Ms. DiTommaso’s Social Justice senior class has been working all semester to raise money for the less fortunate. Ms.DiTommaso’s goal for the class is, “we are looking to donate for sustainable solutions to extreme poverty.”.

Ms.DiTommaso teaches social justice for seniors along with Mr. Schnitzius. Poverty was one of the main issues discussed and the class has been able to raise over one-thousand dollars and are planning on donating it to “Food For the Poor”  this holiday season.

“Food For the Poor” is a great association that helps the poorest of the poor by accepting donations for things as small as fruit trees ($10), chicks for eggs ($25) , or school supplies for children ($25), all less than thirty dollars and make a huge impact in these people’s lives.

The organization helps small villages to be able to grow and flourish in a better environment, helping children and families in 17 Latin American and Caribbean countries.

For the seniors it was very exciting to see the class work together to raise funds for something important, showing how everything really does add up.

Fernando Margain, a student in Ms.DiTomasso’s class says, “At the end of every class we had a mug that started filling up with coins and bills, it was very shocking to see how we started with so little and now [we] will be able to change the lives of so many people”.

The senior class is planning on donating water pumps for a whole village, plenty of fruit trees, chicks to provide the families with eggs, goats for milk, fish to stock a pond and many other things that will help make a substantial difference in the lives of these people.

The whole school got involved, Thursday the 14th as jeans day for students with a minimum donation of $2 that will be directly going to “Food for the Poor” too. Mater Dei overall will make a great change in the lives of many.

Students and their families can donate on their own by going to Food for the Poor and choosing their level of donation. It takes less than $4 to be able to feed one child for a month.


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