New English Teachers Impact on Mater Dei Students

Gianna Paape and Adriana Escasan

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Mater Dei Catholic High School hired two new English teachers to teach American Literature Alice Dominguez and Janna Bunosky.

Ms. Dominguez graduated with a B.S degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University. She has received many awards including: Teacher of the year finalist, Five-Star Distinguished teacher award and the Mile-High Teacher Award. These awards are some of the most prestigious awards any teacher can get and it makes Ms. Dominguez stick out far beyond most. The teacher of the year award is a national award that aims towards rewarding a teacher for their excellence which Ms. Dominguez clearly exceeds.  

Ms. Bunosky says that her students are awesome and she has really been enjoying Mater Dei so far. Bunosky has been teaching for four full years and about two years of student teaching. She never planned on becoming a teacher but had really enjoyed tutoring other students and decided it was the right path for her.

Both teachers expressed excitement for being here for the students and curriculum.

With a focus on Social Justice, Ms. Dominguez is glad to be able to have classroom discussions related to morality and ethics.

Junior, Grace Pedregal  says “she is really good at making sure that students are understood and she lets everyone have an opinion.” 

Pulling from her past Ms. Bunosky admits teaching at a Catholic school is old hat to her. She explains, “I went to a Catholic high school and I really liked that we could talk about our faith and not just Catholicism but talk about our relationship with God in general.”

Sammy Bañuelos, junior, mentions that he really appreciates that she uses all ninety minutes of class and makes class a fun experience. Bañuelos also likes how that there is a lot of group work which always makes class more interesting.

Ms. Dominguez and Ms. Bunosky are already making all of their classes a fun and safe learning environment.


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