Math gets more feminine

Ricardo Chavez and Keegan Bushey

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Mrs. Farley is no longer the only female in the math department as Maureen Baylis and Christine Rolston have joined the team.

Baylis and Rolston both come from the East Coast and bring their own unique energy. While they took different paths they both heard their calling to be involved with math at a young age.

Baylis loves working with anyone who is willing to put forth the effort and will go any lengths to help them.  “My teaching strategies – energetic, patient, excited, and involved; I just want everyone always involved.”  She likes to let her students know that she genuinely cares about every one of them.

Mrs. Baylis was super nice and I could tell that she was excited about the school year,” sophomore, Meegan Sharp said.  As for her approach, Baylis mentioned, “I love doing activities around the room, almost like a scavenger hunt, where one clue leads to the next, that leads you to the next one, I love those.”

Baylis’ dedication began throughout her high school career with her three biggest influences being her two sisters and her math teacher.  By her senior year she had decided that she wanted to become a teacher after a TA position, teaching other younger students from different schools.

From Queens New York, Rolston may be new to San Diego but she isn’t new to teaching in a Catholic school. She taught in downtown Brooklyn at St. Josephs High School and all-girls Catholic High School. At St. Josephs, she taught Algebra 2/ Trigonometry, AP Statistics, and Introduction to Statistics. Not only did she take on the role of being a teacher but she also did programming for St. Josephs and was also the volleyball coach.

She is now teaching Pre-Calculus Honors, Trigonometry/Statistics, and Algebra1. Only three weeks into the school year, Ms. Rolston stated, “The time that I have been here I’m really enjoying every aspect of what Mater Dei Catholic High School has to offer.” She discussed some differences in the school saying, “I loved my girls at my old school, but the level of wanting to do better and wanting to succeed at Mater Dei is at a way higher level.” “The students are self-activist and they take the responsibility for the grade that they receive” she continued to say.

The changes that Ms. Rolston said that she was planning to make is to improve the math attitude that most students have towards math in general, she wants them to not hate math as much and it might be working.

Students in her trigonometry and statistics class believe that she is a great teacher. Maria Andrea Alonso and Anthony Caldiño, seniors, both agreed that she goes into depth with the subject that is presented and that any time any student is confused or completely lost she is willing to explain it in simpler terms so that they get a better understanding of the concept.

They both see themselves succeeding in her class. “I see myself succeeding in Trigonometry and Statistics because Ms. Rolston shows the promise that she will do anything for one of her students because she is willing to spend her free time teaching/re-explaining when a student needs it” said Alonso.

Caldiño said, “Math has always been my hardest subject to comprehend fully, but with her as the teacher I see a bright future for myself in her class.”

Mrs. Baylis and Ms. Rolston are both unique teachers to Mater Dei, in that they bring a different style of learning for her students.

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