Miguel Moreno rises to stardom with new film “The Last Knock”

Bianca Villalvazo, Staff Writer

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Senior year, the year where students are expected to figure out their passions and what to do for the rest of their lives is a challenge for most. But Miguel Moreno has taken his passions and expertise to new levels this year.

He is currently working on a short film called “The Last Knock” which is about the last man on earth who stands alone but comes to find evidence of another human being. He comes to question himself and whether he is ready to interact with another human being.  Moreno is the main director of the film and is working alongside Ricardo Silva who is the producer, Adrian Durazo the cinematographer, and Omar Guzman the editor and are all well-known talent. Moreno even started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the goal of $4,000 for the production of the film but surpassed it with a whopping $4,575 with support from all his friends, family, and community.

Moreno says that his interest in film began when he was in the 7th grade when producing his own stop film animation for school. He later found himself so passionate about it that he hasn’t stopped since. This has led him to numerous other projects including his latest, “The Last Knock.”

“The process of it made it all worth it, even if it did take a lot of time”  says Moreno.

He recognizes that even though just like anything, he had to put a lot of effort into it, it lead him to his true passion in life. Even the faculty of the school has begun to recognize the lengths that this student has gone in respects to his career. Entrepreneurship teacher, Steve Smith has Moreno as a student and states that, “He is self-motivated and knows his passions; he understands all aspects of cinematography.”

Being the warm and kind person that he is, he gives a piece of advice to his fellow classmates who also wish to pursue their dreams which is, “It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best at what you’re passionate at as long as you’re happy that’s what is the most important.”

All of his hard work and dedication has now become the hot-topic among students and senior Anthony Caldino mentions, “I am excited to see what Miguel will be up to next because he always impresses me and I know that he will go far.”

In respect to future projects, Moreno mentions that after “The Last Knock” releases in January of 2018 his audience should be looking forward to his next upcoming film called, “Last Year’s Man.”

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