Net Neutrality is Going

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On December 14, 2017 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality. Net neutrality is a term that allows the internet remain neutral for everyone, preventing big internet providers from charging more for websites like YouTube and Twitter.

In essence, Net Neutrality says that every website must be treated the same. Internet Service providers (like Cox, or AT&T) have to allow the same speed to every website regardless of the content of the website.

Mr. Pasawongse, Director of Information Technology, is outraged by the FCC’s efforts in banning net neutrality.

“It’s corruption,” Pasawongse explains, “It affects free speech. It affects art, it affects innovation and it affects creativity.”

Many are in disbelief that the FCC is putting an end to net neutrality. But, some are not surprised at the idea of it all, believing that big corporations such as Verizon are pulling this stunt in hopes to earn a larger profit.

“If they take away net neutrality they can now charge for really stupid things, like if you want to go on a website it’s ten cents. Net neutrality is what’s [stopping] companies from charging for every little thing and helps the user not be overcharged for anything, but now they want to take it away,” explains senior and internet lover, Ian Lutz.

 Lutz is on the internet daily, whether it be for school work or for personal entertainment and sees how the situation is not one to take lightly.

 Back in 2015, Article II was passed, which was meant to protect Net Neutrality. Now, newly elected FCC chairman and former Verizon Lawyer, Ajit Pai, wants to end it for good.

“It’s just greed for money. Companies want to [make} more money by charging more. They are in it for the money” states senior, Elena Arnold, who is big on net neutrality. Arnold believes the only good that will come from the ban is money for the companies and sees no benefits for the people.

The net neutrality ban is said to begin sometime next year.

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Net Neutrality is Going