Students evaluate teachers in surveys

Bianca Villalvazo, Staff Writer

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The end of the semester has come and gone. Final exams are an end of semester tradition, but another ritual is the teacher surveys students fill out.

Using SurveyMonkey students answer a series of questions meant to show teachers what they appreciate most and what changes would help them as students.

This used to be done at the end of the course, meaning only one-semester classes would do surveys in December. Administration and teachers decided that getting mid-year feedback on year-long courses was equally important. This way teachers have the opportunity to address any comments students made in the following semester.

Sometimes students give well-deserved accolades and in others they give criticism.

Mrs. Olson adds that some compliments, while nice, do not help her improve her teaching, “They said I always have really nice hair.” Similarly, some criticisms are not helpful, “A student said class would be better if I taught with different accents.”

Other teachers feel students comment on school policy rather than their teaching. For example, Mrs. Anthony got one critique that, “I don’t like that she makes us listen to the announcements.”

While most teachers surveyed understand the need for anonymity, some teachers feel the anonymity takes away some of the value. Introduction to sports medicine teacher, Mr. Batillo, says, “I think that the surveys could be done in a different way they would be more helpful. I’d rather have students put their names on it so that it is more honest and accurate.” However, there are some who think the surveys are a great way to identify problems and find the solutions to them quickly.

When taking the surveys Ximena Posada mentioned, “I like giving my feedback at the end of the semester because teachers really do make the effort to change the next semester and it is beneficial to both the student and the teacher.”

Many students enjoy the chance to share how much work they felt a class had as well as what projects they liked the best.

Students generally feel very comfortable when sharing their opinions due to the fact that the surveys are anonymous so they hold little to nothing back.

The student surveys are a way to keep teachers and students moving toward excellent and innovative learning as the years go on for future generations to come and sometimes they really connect with teachers.

While many teachers have mixed feelings on the quality of comments they receive, there’s usually one or two that stick with them. Mr. Schnitzius recalls a particularly heartwarming comment when he read that “Mr. Schnitzius really helped me grow closer to God.”

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