Students Receive Spiritual Guidance

Bianca Villalvazo, Staff Writer

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Students may be are unaware that there is spiritual direction available to them if they are searching to grow in their spiritual lives.

In some cases, students have not even considered what spiritual direction exactly is. In others, they do not know how beneficial it could be to them in the long run. Spiritual direction guides students in the direction towards self-growth and God’s unconditional love.

Mater Dei makes it easy to sign up for spiritual direction. Students simply contact their theology teacher who gets in touch with the priest on their behalf. Priests will take students out of their theology class for a short amount of time to discuss the personal spiritual goals of the student and ways the student can improve their relationship with God.

No time is wasted and even the walk to the priest’s office consists of small talk and allows the priest to start getting to know the student.

Once in the privacy of the office, students can go deeper and share what area they would like to focus on improving or where they are struggling with their faith. The priest can make specific suggestions regarding improving student faith or even bringing God into their personal life.

For example, if one is struggling with not enough prayer in their life the priest might assign certain prayers or books that could improve your prayer life. Students of all grades and all backgrounds consider spiritual direction and they are all free to use this resource whenever they feel like.

Ms. Salazar is a big supporter of students going to spiritual direction because, “it provides students with someone to go to other than their parents or friends. And, a priest can really give good advice from a religious standpoint that they cannot get anywhere else.” Going to spiritual direction is another way to seek advice from a more mature and knowledgeable person who has students’ best interest at hand. Listening to the priest’s advice can lead a person to a very positive place in their lives.

Students who have gone through spiritual direction have only positive things to say.  Annalisa Soto mentioned, “I was hesitant for a long time about going to spiritual direction, but when I finally decided to sign up for it I found myself in a new height of my faith and relationship with God. The priest made it easy for me to want to continue to grow in my faith.”

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