Lent Season has Started

Ricardo Chavez

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Prayer, fasting, almsgiving, are the three things that are brought to more importance starting a new year of Lent. Lent for Catholics is a liturgical season of forty days that starts on Ash Wednesday February 14th, and concluding on sundown of Holy Thursday, which then bring us to Easter the day that Christ has risen from the dead, the resurrection.

Students along with teachers are starting to prepare for the Lent season in different ways but with the same purpose. Anthony Caldiño, senior says “I am preparing for lent by going to mass and trying not to sin and being a good person.”

Kevin Magana, sophomore is preparing for lent “By fasting and praying more than usual.”

“I am starting the season of lent by going to mass and praying” Jared Quiñones, sophomore said.

Marty Lafond, visual arts teacher said he’s preparing for lent by “Keeping God in my thoughts and focus more on meditating.”

“Lent for means sacrifice and having repentance of our sins” says Magana.

Justin Carreon, says “To me lent means to appreciate and understand Jesus’ sacrifice for all of humanity.” “The idea of lent is to get closer to God” exclaimed Lafond.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “The purpose of Lent is to provide that purification by weaning men from sin and selfishness through self-denial and prayer, by creating in them the desire to do God’s will and to make His kingdom come by making it come first of all in their hearts.”

The idea of giving up something during the time of lent has dated back to the beginning of the Catholic Church. Quiñones says “For lent I’m going to give up my bad eating habits and soda.” “I am going to give up playing video games.” Carreon said.

Caldiño states “I am giving up eating a lot of chocolate cake.”

For those that still don’t know what to give up, you can do something beneficial for others or for yourself but just know that whatever you “give up” it should  benefit your spiritual life.

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