Senior Retreat

Daniela Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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The senior retreat is here. Today students will head to Whispering Winds to return on Friday. This retreat is designed to help students reflect on their time at Mater Dei but look forward to life beyond high school as well.

As such the theme is “Looking forward, and looking back” and it will be manifested through three different stages.

First, students will have the opportunity to consider their spiritual and emotional highs and lows throughout high school. Then they’ll look at where they are today and any actions they need to take to provide closure for themselves or others. Finally students will have the opportunity to look at where they are heading and how they can continue bringing the love of Christ in their day to day life as they leave Mater Dei.

“I am very excited for the retreat, I will be spending my birthday with my class. I feel it will be a very good experience for all the senior, so we can reflect and move on.” Paula Zuniga.

Unlike the junior retreat, the senior retreat is organized by the teachers and there is only space for 100 seniors.  Those seniors must be in the front of the theater before 7:45 a.m. to get on the bus to Whispering Winds.

“I am really looking forward to the retreat because I think it will allows us to be together as a class for the last time” Donavan Jackson.

Some teachers are going to give talks at the retreat, including Mrs. Anthony.  “The biggest lesson we want seniors to take is that their relationship with God, because at the end that is the most important thing they will  have.” Mrs. Anthony. This is what Mrs. Anthony’s talk will be about, the importance of the relationship that the seniors have developed with God.

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