New MDCHS Tradition

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This year the school has started a new tradition, doing club weeks for the first time ever. School clubs have always been around, but this semester each club is given the option of choosing a week where they are able to do fundraisers, activities, games or whatever their club decides.

This tradition is just getting started.

“Its brand new this semester, it was for us to evaluate that the clubs were active and to give them an opportunity to raise money for their club. We decided that they could choose which week they wanted, and they could create activities for the rest of the student body,” Says Ms. Leon, ASB moderator. She also commented that ASB has been very busy with many events going on. Club weeks helps them continue to have activities without extra work, benefiting the entire student body.

The first step to make this work is sending out calendars to club leaders. The ASC chairs, Nathalie Chiarrvia and Hanna Talingao, send a calendar of all the available weeks to the clubs. Then the clubs decide which week they want and what they want to do for it. They need to take their idea and have it approved by Ms. Leon and the ASC chairs. Once approved, start setting up, managing if they need to get materials, and reimbursed through their own club account if needed.

A few weeks ago, the Pro-Life club sold candy during lunch to raise money to support life. The artist and writers did a fundraiser as well. They are letting the students hang a canvas with something drawn or written on it for one dollar. The week before spring break was the last week to paint your canvas.

Most of the clubs wanted to do bake sales to raise money for their club, but the school can only sell food once a month because of a contract they have with Aramark. However, the clubs for this month found a solution.

“What the clubs this month have decided to do is get together and instead of having three separate bake seals… they are going to have one big bake sale on that one day they can have a fundraiser.” Explained Ms. Leon. This month the drama, culinary, and artist and writers clubs had a big bake sale to raise money and support their clubs.

The club weeks have helped create many activities without more stress to ASB and has helped clubs promote themselves. This is something that will continue next year to have more school activities and eventually become a tradition. Ms. Leon comments her opinion on this new activity. “I really like it, I really think it’s a great way to get everybody on board and involved and hopefully create more of a fun environment during lunchtime and breaks. I’m hoping it evolves to even bigger and better things.”

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