Freshmen Wear Pink to Support Breast Cancer

Adriana Escasan

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Mater Dei Catholic High School requires freshmen to take speech class. The freshmen were assigned a group video project to race awareness for different kinds of diseases.

After all freshmen completed their videos they competed with the rest of their classmates. This year Ms. Noel Leon and Mr. Joseph Brunner, lowered it down to the final three videos. Mr. Milke lowered it down to the final video which he commended for its “quality and clarity.”

The creators of the video were freshmen, Grissel Heredia and Sarah Campos. The winning group went an extra step by interviewing a breast- cancer survivor. As administration selected this video, all speech students were allowed to raise awareness and wear pink on Friday, April 13.

The video’s creators were inspired to focus on breast cancer because they feel that students need to hear more about breast cancer. Heredia specifically mentions that the importance of this issue needs to be recognized by all.

Campos was inspired by those she knows who are breast cancer survivors. She says that breast cancer is so common in our world, and yet many don’t realize it’s impact.

Ms. Peck, language academy teacher and yearbook moderator loves this project because, “it helps students foucs on something that care about and says that this project helps students focus on persuasion that really matters as it extends beyond the classroom.

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