Film Review: A Quiet Place

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Two very important actors star in this film, John Krasinski and Millicent Simmonds. John Krasinski not only directed “A Quiet Place”, but plays the role of, Lee Abbott, a father and husband to his real-life wife. You may be familiar with his previous TV show, “The Office,” as he played Jim Halpert.

Millicent Simmonds plays the role of the deaf daughter Regan Abbott. As she is deaf in real-life, you can imagine the potential difficulty of shooting this film. She had previously starred in the movie “Wonderstruck” last year.

“If they hear you, they hunt you”

“A Quiet Place” is a nerve-wrecking film about a world where you cannot learn from your mistakes. Starring John Krasinski and his wife, in the movie as well as in real life, Emily Blunt. It’s a world dominated by alien insect-like creatures that destroy anything that makes a sound, narrated by a family of five with a baby on the way and an upcoming due date.

This movie is introduced with the death of their youngest child for playing with the wrong toy at the wrong time and carried along with how guilt will dramatically and fatefully affect this family.

Although this film lacks the blood and violence of a traditional horror movie, the jump-scares are terrific. If they make a noise that’s the slightest too loud, they’ll be torn apart before they can recognize your mistake. Constantly living on your toes, trying not to make a sound, and trying to keep the family together has become the new reality of this world.

I’m not usually one to watch scary movies but I very much appreciated this film. Definitely peed my pants a little bit for the first couple scares, and even cried a tad toward the end. Many horror-movie-watchers might say it isn’t scary or that it wouldn’t count as a horror film at all. I would say that it certainly kept me at the edge of my seat, technically pushed against the back of my seat hugging my knees in fear but that’s not important. If you typically enjoy horror films, my experience may be seen as a tad wimpy compared to you.

As I was watching this film, the theater was dead-silent, the movie giving the effect that we were living in their quiet world. Since you’re sitting in a dead-silent theater, you can hear absolutely every crunch and every whisper made by the other watchers. All this adding to create an intriguing experience.

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