Internships Help College Acceptances

Jalyse Hanson

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Science Academy is a program at Mater Dei that allows students to participate in activities they would not be able to participate in otherwise such as internships and caring for seabass. These activities help improve resumes and increase college acceptances.

The major experience that helps students are the internships and/or camps they participate in during the summer. Junior Karlos Bautista, the number one ranked student in the junior class, participated in a camp last summer and this summer he will be doing the Genetic Engineering internship at USD. He said, “I think working in at internship at USD will help me get the knowledge, skills, and experience that I will need when starting out my journey into delving deeper into a STEM/life science field”

Another student who will be participating in an internship is Henry Esparza. He got accepted to an internship at Cornell. With regards to his college acceptance rates increasing, he said, “I think taking part in this summer program at Cornell might have a positive effect on my application’s assessment…especially since one of my dream schools is Cornell.”

Both of the students previously mentioned are still in high school but Jenna Kruse, 2017 graduate, was a science academy student who went through the process that these two students are currently entering. She thinks that, “right now getting into UC’s is extremely competitive and difficult. I had good grades but my test scores weren’t extremely high because of this I know that writing about my internship gave me an extra edge in getting into 4 of the UC schools, Cal Poly, SDSU and only being waitlisted at UCLA.”

These are just a few examples of many students who are completing internships to better their odds of being accepted to their dream school and get a little bit of experience in a field that they are possibly considering. Science Academy has given this opportunity to many students and continues to do so every year.

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