Mrs. Kelleher retires after 21 years

Ricardo Chavez, Staff Writer

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Once a student at Marian, and then an English teacher at Marian and Mater Dei Catholic Mrs. Sherry Kelleher, English Teacher has decided this will be the year she retires.

Mrs. Kelleher graduated from Marian in 1969 and pursued a BA in English at the University of San Diego. She got her first job in teaching in 1992 and officially started teaching at Marian in 1997. Once Marian became Mater Dei, Mrs. Kelleher was still an English teacher and has been in this position for over 21 years.

Mrs. Kelleher and her husband back when they both attended Marian.

As a teacher at Marian and then a teacher at Mater Dei moving school was a big change but it worked out. Mrs. Kelleher said, “Marian was small, but relaxed, and all the teachers knew every single student which was good, but Mater Dei is stronger in so many ways. It’s tougher, and more challenging to the students, and Mater Dei is more large and efficient.”

When it comes to Marian and Mater Dei Mrs. Kelleher has loved teaching and said, “I think that Marian and Mater Dei has the sweetest most loving wonderful kids that anybody could ask for….Teaching at Marian and Mater Dei has helped me to become a much better teacher and this school has given me the opportunity to do what I love doing the most, which is working with kids and getting them excited about learning.”

Just as Mrs. Kelleher is sad about leaving, students at Mater Dei Catholic High school are sad to see her go but happy for her. “I’m a bit disappointed to see her leave but of course very happy for her” said O’hara Wickman, senior. Daniel Zora, senior said he is“Happy that this is something that she wants for herself.”

Natalia Jimenez, senior adds “she is sweet and so passionate when she is teaching, and she really likes to read, and she has even given me a list of book recommendations.”

“The reason I decided to retire was I figured I have about a quarter of my life left and I just want to use this time to relax, garden, have parties, read, travel, do some volunteer work, go to mass, etc.” said Mrs. Kelleher to why she had decided now to retire.

Thank you for everything Mrs. Kelleher and remember Once a Crusader, Always a Crusader.

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