ASB elections bring freshmen leaders

Isabella Sevilla, Staff Writer

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This year, 12 freshmen decided to run for ASB in order to get involved with the school. Others join clubs or sports teams, but these dozen wanted to help forge their vision for Mater Dei.

The freshman council offers eight positions. Most students are familiar with the class officers: president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, but there’s also commissioners of publicity, sport, funding, and inventory. Freshmen have the opportunity to run for these leadership roles.

Although most candidates have previous experience in leadership roles, some are starting fresh in high school. Jacob Firsht a vice presidential candidate, optimistically states, “I don’t have experience. But I will once I get elected.” While Firsht did not receive the most votes, he had the opportunity to be part of the election process. 

Other candidates say they have experience from elementary and middle school. Kimberly Santiago, the treasurer candidate, states, “When I was in eighth grade, I was in charge of counting the money and making sure it was good for our eight grade trips.” She also was responsible for money in other situations like fundraisers. 

Candidates hope to make an impact on Mater Dei as soon as possible. Gigi Figueroa, a vice president candidate, states, “I want to be more involved with the school and make Mater Dei a place for everyone. I think we need more freshmen representation.”

With just over 250 students, freshmen are not only the largest current class, but the largest class Crusaders have ever had.

Marianne Corpuz, the publicity commissioner candidate, states, “I feel that I will spread a little more joy little by little.”

September 27, 2018, students cast their votes to elect the council after hearing their speeches.

The results are as followed: Amy Jones as President, Gigi Figueroa as Vice President, Kim Santiago as Treasurer, Paul Dolby as Secretary, Marianne Corpuz as Publicity Commissioner, Andrew Garcia as Sports Commissioner, Alejandro Alcocer as Fundraising Commissioner, and Ryan Alfonso as Inventory Commissioner.

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