MDTV 2018 November ep 2

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A lot has happened since the last episode of MDTV.

For school safety, the back gate is closed from 8am to 4pm. Michael Inzunza, Vice Principal in charge of Student Safety explains that students are still able to walk through the gate before 8am, but during school hours it will remain locked and watched by Campus Security like Bob Adams who declares, “this is like the safest school in San Diego.”

In addition to remembering to avoid the back gate, students should remember to wear their liturgy uniform December 5th.

The ladies golf team placed 5th in the state and November’s athlete of the month, Brianna Navarrosa, earned first place with a 4 under par 68. The Cross Country team finished fifth in the Metro League Conference with 110 points and the Lady Crusaders Cross Country Team finished fifth overall in CIF.  Shout out to CHritine Carey who finished 10th with 16:52 earning her First Team All League Honors.

Four Crusader females signed their National Letters of Intent to continue down the path of a student athlete in college.  Softball players Alyssa Garcia and Lexi Sosa signed for UCLA,  Kassy Ayala  for University of St. Katherine and Jalyse Hanson for Farleigh University. For basketball Chloe Webb committed to UC Irvine.

Students can attend home games for free with a student ID card, so be sure to have it handy when supporting Winter sports.

Even though Crusaders are blue and gold, the school has taken another step towards going green. The Earth Bench has been given an upgrade with a wind turbine. Sovial Sonzeu explains that the turbine gathers energy from the wind and the flower has “leaves have solar panels on them that also produce electricity” letting students use the USB ports to charge their phones.

In addition to saving energy, Crusaders also make a difference by participating in the food drive. Students collected  55 boxes of food. 

Crusader Impact also volunteered by cooking meals for patients and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House November 25th.

In a K-12 event, Campus Ministers, Juan Diego Academy and Crusader Impact are coming together to host a Posada for all to enjoy. The Posada is rooted in times when people were not always literate and let the Word of God be spread by people acting out the sorry of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay before Jesus’ birth. Entrance is free but attendees are encouraged to bring an unwrapped toy.

Finally, due to less open lanes at the Otay Border, Crusaders are reminded to arrive early to be sure they will get to school on time.

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Watch the complete MDTV episode below.

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