Ms. Leon takes new role in ASB

Mariela Serrano and Cassandra Esparza

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Ms. Leon smiles as she shares her plans for this year's ASB.

Ms. Leon smiles as she shares her plans for this year’s ASB.

“She’s more than qualified for this job!” claimed Hanna Tagliano junior and Associated Students Clubs Chairman with obvious excitement in her voice. Ms. Leon came to Mater Dei as a science teacher in 2014, but has just taken a larger role as Mater Dei’s new ASB moderator. She comes to the position with new ideas to help make an outstanding school year with the cooperation of crusaders.

While getting settled into the new position, the new ASB moderator Ms. Leon has had the chance to meet lots of new students and involve herself more with the student affairs in school. She admits that things will be run differently this year. “The students will do everything. They have roles they are responsible for and need to get things done.” In her new position, she makes sure she acts as more of a supervisor than a figure in charge.

Ms. Leon enjoys being around students all the time and being able to put together things that students want to do and participate in. “I’m trying to make this school more fun for [the students]. I want it to be a place where people can have fun.”

In the first few weeks of school, she started taking action on her plan to make things more fun at Mater Dei by planning the fall sports rally. Rallies have been optimized to promote more class spirit, and now the class who earns the most spirit points gets free dress the next day. All four classes will wear their spirit colors and compete to win the most points. Ms. Leon hopes that this change during the rallies will bring more spirit to the school and excite the students for what is to come for the rest of the school year.

Each class has a unique color to show their school pride: freshmen: gold, sophomores: white, juniors: blue, and seniors: black. On Fridays, students can wear their school spirit shirt. Shirts are available from ASB office during anytime for $15.

The only downside according to Ms. Leon is that she misses the communication with her students. Now that this school year approached Ms. Leon forgets to do her usual routine and often forgets her meal since her schedule is packed. “I miss having the student teacher connection” she claims. However, she is enjoying being the moderator of ASB.

Many ASB students like junior class vice president Dimitri Gianousopoulos believe this is accurate as he declares, “Ms. Leon is a teacher with many capacities which she contributes everyday that make ASB important.”


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