Senior Campus Ministers lead the Freshman Retreat

Cassandra Esparza, Staff Writer

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Mater Dei students sit and break the ice in small groups before delving into the deeper issues.

The first retreat of the 2016-2017 school year is the freshman retreat, organized by Mr. Schnitzius and the senior class of Campus Ministry. The retreat took place September 9th on campus and united the entire freshmen class for their first retreat at Mater Dei. The retreat is a way to introduce the freshman to faith life on campus and to allow them to interact with members of their class.

Mr. Schnitzius said that his favorite part of the retreat was that, “God has really been present throughout the retreat and he’s really working on this class.”

Throughout the retreat, the senior campus ministers lead the freshman in some ice breakers. These ice breakers are usually fun at the beginning of the retreat and lead to deeper and more faith-based questions towards the end. Some other activities that take place during the freshman retreat include some skits, chants, and faith talks.

One of the senior campus ministers that gave a faith talk during the retreat was JP Villegas. “I feel that through God I was able to influence some of the freshman. Hopefully they will decide to join more activities here at Mater Dei that will help them grow in their faith.” The senior campus ministers focus on inspiring the freshman to be involved in spiritual activities, for in a few years they will be the ones to exemplify the importance of faith at Mater Dei. Mr. Schnitzius believes the seniors have done a good job inspiring the freshman and added, “I’m really excited for the freshman’s future here at Mater Dei.”

Aside from the fun activities that the senior campus ministers put together, the freshman retreat also includes a more serious approach to faith by having the students and staff attend adoration and mass.  This year was the first that had a freshman class too large to have these events take place in the chapel on campus, so they took the retreat to the Mater Dei Parish directly outside of campus. The students behaved well and actively participated at mass and during the activities, leading to a successful outcome of the retreat overall.


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