Burton’s new film makes weird work

Miguel Moreno

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is another movie by the peculiar director Tim Burton which feels exactly like a Burton movie. This movie is an adaption from the book with the same name by Ransom Riggs. Starring an all star cast of actors who some have previously work before with Tim Burton such as Eva Green. Also starring Asa Butterfield, Ella Purnell and Samuel L. Jackson. This is the kind of movie for the whole family. It hits topics like losing someone close, and the difference between reality and imagination. Like in previous films directed by Tim Burton, the director uses ways to make the characters feel “weird”. Having this balanced between an excess normal and completely different but still relative characters, what makes this film balance.

The story starts with Jake (who iMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Official Posters an outcast when it comes to being a “normal” teenager) losing his grandfather in a mysterious fashion. When this happens, he remembers all the bedtime stories his grandfather told him when he was little. To get closure, Jake has to go back to the island where his grandpa grew up and which is the main source of all the stories he was told when he was little. When he gets there he encounters mysteries and unanswered question left by his grandfather.

My first impression of the film was good. Burton shows a good way to tell a dark story without boring the viewer or frightening him/her. At the beginning and even at the end questioning what is real and what is fiction. The cinematography was done really well with the tone of the film having two different forms. The normal form which included all the times where the film took place in the real world and the tone of it felt like watching an eighties movie in high definition (although the movie does take place in 2016), the saturation of the colors high making it vivid , almost done to an exaggeration which is what the director surely wanted which is a style he does often in his movie. Then you have the unnatural form where the colors are tone down but the picture feels more vivid making the movie and the characters more alive. The acting by the main character Jake who is portrayed by Asa Butterfield could have been better, as there where points where it does feel like his lines where spoken instead of acted. It is a hard role for the main character as he is the main focus of the story so it was a big job to take care of, which Butterfield did not do wrong, but could’ve been done better.

Overall the movie was good, it isn’t a waste of time watching it. It has strong topics that where handled correctly and well to show. It is a movie that I would consider an example of good cinema. The two flaws for this movie are the acting and the marketing, because I wasn’t aware this movie was on production or that it was a thing until I saw it being shown in the theater. My score for the movie is 83/100, because it is an entertaining dark movie for all viewers that makes you feel emotions and be part of the story while you watch it. If there was a sentence to sum up the movie is “What you would expect out a Tim Burton movie and even more”


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