Crusaders’ Thanksgiving Meals

Gather around Crusaders' tables

Mariela Serrano

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‘A warm meal waiting at the decorated kitchen table surrounded by the people you love the most. Wearing fancy attire and sometimes even watching a traditional football game to accompany your warm dinner.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that many people around the world celebrate.

A freshman, Jessica Garcia said, “I can never get enough of my grandma’s apple pie.” She claims that her grandma even makes the dough from scratch adding some secret ingredients. “It has always been a tradition and without the pie, Thanksgiving would not be complete.”

Sometimes the sides are the ones that win the table over. A junior, Priscella Franco claimed with warmness in her voice, “My mom’s cranberry sauce is the best, she always keeps me wanting more.” According to her, that is a dish that needs to be served at least once a year in this special holiday.

Some students or teachers do not celebrate Thanksgiving or others do but in a different way. Ms. Edgar a world language teacher explains how Costa Rica really celebrates it. She tells us, “In Costa Rica, many people do not celebrate it like I do. The turkey is too expensive there.” However, she still found a way to have traditional Thanksgiving meal. “Since it is expensive back there, many fine restaurants prepare a buffet with all food.”

Many students break away from tradition and start their own on this special holiday. Some students eat duck instead of turkey, others have picnics instead of eating in their cozy homes, some people put aside their fancy clothes and dress up as Indians and pilgrims, others go and serve the homeless, and some even do Italian night.

A junior, Natalia Bañales admitted “This year my family and I are going to celebrate differently. We are changing the donate-realturkey and ham for Italian food.” Natalia admits that she is nervous about how it’s going to turn out.  Even though she is excited about the spontaneous change she says, “I’m going to miss the turkey my dad makes each year, I feel it’s not going to a real thanksgiving.”

Mater Dei had a food drive for the homeless through Catholic Charities. Everyone donated to help.

  • The freshmen brought canned potatoes
  • The sophomores brought stuffing
  • The juniors brought canned vegetables
  • The seniors brought canned pumpkins
This year's donations took two trips to deliver. Here's a picture of just one of the hauls.

This year’s donations took two trips to deliver. Here’s a picture of just one of the hauls.

The food drive ended November 16 since the truck came to collect. There was so much food to collect that Mrs. Anthony, the theology chair, had to call Aarmark to help deliver the food. “We’ve had more than we’ve ever had!” she exclaimed.

We hope everyone could donate to give other people the same warm delicious meal as we have each day.

Mater Dei is filled with different traditions. Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving in their own way; however, everyone’s Thanksgiving is memorable.






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