Should we still celebrate Thanksgiving?

Miguel Moreno, Staff Writer

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American households around November are taking down scary decorations and preparing for a big dinner with the family celebrating everything they are thankful for. But should America still celebrate “this controversial” holiday which has a crucial historical context?

When Europeans first entered this country many Pilgrims wiped out the Native American tribes for land. Not all of these deaths were intentional, most Native Americans were also killed off due to the diseases the Europeans  brought from their homeland.

Nonetheless, the first Thanksgiving was in 1621 when the first pilgrims went with the Native Americans to celebrate a feast together. However, the United States didn’t actually celebrate the first official Thanksgiving until November 8, 1863 when Abraham Lincoln made it an official holiday to celebrate and thank the founding fathers.

Historical sources argue that this promotes the genocide and the bullying of smaller societies. Mr. Cruz a history teacher states that a historical background should not affect the modern holiday, “Imagine if we celebrated every day as if it was Thanksgiving; it’s not about the origins, it’s about being thankful.”

Many young Americans do not know the historical context behind Thanksgiving. When asked if he knew the historical context Jorge Dominguez an 8th grader at Lemon Grove who was shadowing at Mater Dei answered with no. “Thanksgiving we celebrate by eating together and saying what we are thankful for.”

In a recent Twitter poll 100% of Mater Dei students agree that Thanksgiving should still be celebrated.

Aside from the historical context, right now Thanksgiving is not about the genocide of Indians in the past, although we should not ignore that part of history we should be reminded that this is not what this is about. Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what you have, to eat with the family and enjoy time with them..

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