Students help students with the Walkathon

Cassandra Esparza, Staff Writer

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untitled-designEvery year, Mater Dei students, parents, and staff gather for the walkathon. This school-wide fundraiser focuses on supporting the MDCHS tuition assistance program in order to make Mater Dei affordable for as many students as possible. The walkathon is the biggest fundraiser for the tuition assistance (TA) program and usually sets a high goal to make a difference in school.

Mr. Rey, Mater Dei’s president mentioned that, “all funds raised directly support our tuition assistance program, and 60% of our student body receives some type of tuition assistance based on financial need.”

Without the walkathon, Mater Dei would not have as much money to offer for tuition assistance, which is essential in making Mater Dei an affordable option for plenty of students.

Students at Mater Dei are encouraged to raise a minimum of $50 in order to reach the school-wide goal of $27,500. Although the goal was not reached by the walkathon this year, students can still turn in their money.

Ms. Denise Rodriguez wants students to know, “we will be at the front entrance gate and during lunch until Tuesday, November 22” in order to collect the remaining $5,500 and have the day after the super bowl off.

Aside from being an essential fundraiser for tuition assistance, the walkathon is a fun-filled event with many opportunities for students to win prizes. Those who donate the minimum amount are automatically eligible for gift cards among other small prizes. The top three students who donate the most will win an iPad, Beats headphones, and $100 Visa gift card. Other students can enjoy the music, food, and games throughout the event.

While collecting the money in order to reach the goal, those at the walkathon table at lunch will be raffling off other small prices such as Mater Dei hats. In order to make this walkathon a really successful one, as it has been the previous years, it is really important that Crusaders donate if they haven’t already and help us reach our goal as a school.


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