Walkathon Perplexes Students

Mariela Serrano, Staff Writer

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walkathonThe Walkathon is an annual tradition Mater Dei does in the fall. It’s a way to raise money for the students’ tuition fund and to have a break from all their studies while getting a bit of exercise. Some students think it’s a good idea for the Crusader; however, others just do not understand the real reason for it.

When asked about the Walkathon, a proud junior, Priscella Franco admits, “I feel it is not necessary because it is supposed to be a little break from school, and I still have to wake up early and pay just so that I can walk for two hours.”

She concludes, “I believe the school should not force us to attend. It should be whoever wants to go.”

Andrea Alonso also admits, “I gladly paid the 50 dollars since I understand that its for a good cause, however I did not understand why I should go if I paid.” Other students who did pay thought that paying was their only requirement.

If each student donated $50 dollars or more, then Mater Dei would reach the goal of $27,500. All the funds were raised directly support our tuition assistance program. 60% of our student body receives some type of tuition assistance based on financial need.

A junior, Samara Gurrola does agree that the walkathon is an important day for the school. However she claims, “I cross the border each day. I understand that it is a normal school day and I am required to attend. But, its just two hours or sometimes less and my parents have to stay there since they cant go back and come back.” She thinks its complicated for the students that do not drive that live in Tijuana.

Hope the students that were against the walkathon will realize that the money is for tuition assistance program and we can reach our goal!

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